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Window cleaning Blakehurst

Whether for home or business premises, your windows need to regularly be cleaned, sometimes by an expert die to a number of alarming reasons as:

  • To maintain proper sanitation for health reasons. If left un attended to for a while, it is highly like for your windows not only to accumulate dust, but also other kinds of dirt including staining, humidity related dirt, molds and even harmful or stubborn insects such as spiders and their webbing. These are not good for your health.
  • To enhance view. It is in most cases difficult to look through dusty or dirty window panes.
  • To improve lighting and aeration. When your windows are clean, they allow more natural lighting into the room or building, as well as fresh air alike.
  • To enhance to outlook of your premises. Gives an overall appearance of your premises as clean.
  • Reduces damage causing pressure on glass.

Internal and external window cleaning

For households, homes, offices and other private or commercial property, we are the go to company for internal and external window cleaning. After servicing, your windows will be free from staining, dust, bugs, and other unwanted particles. Natural lighting will be restored and air entering will be fresher and healthier.

Commercial window cleaning

We have heavy duty techniques and expertise to handle high-rise buildings as well as large commercial buildings and windows for industrial premises. Among the methods we use are rope access, pole access, hydraulic access, and cradle work window cleaning.

High-rise buildings

It can be quite a daunting experience, seeing that the windows of your commercial or residential property need to be attended to in terms of cleaning, yet there is nothing you can do to see that done due to the heights. Well at Carpet Cleaning Blakehurst, we have just what you are looking for. Our highly trained team of experts has what it takes to see to it that your windows are clean and the good as new look is restored to full capacity. Pole window cleaning, hydraulics, and rope access techniques will be used by our experts to access the window parts that may seem rather too high or too hidden to be washed clean.

Other services

Apart from window cleaning, we also offer a wide variety of cleaning services, which include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather lounge cleaning, and tile cleaning. Our services are satisfaction guaranteed as we have the best experts that the market has to offer. To get a free no obligation quote, all you need to do is contact us today, including whether you have queries that you need addressed, comments or concerns.

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