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When visitors or yourself get into a home or business premises, apart from the walls and the roof, the flooring tiles is one of the first feature they notice. No matter how smart and elegant the rest of the interior setting may appear, dusty, dirty, or stained tiles can ruin the entire expression. At Carpet cleaning Blakehurst, we provide tile cleaning services for homes and commercial premises at considerable prices. If you lack the expertise or time to do tile scrubbing or you are looking for a professional helper for that task, then you are in the right place.

Some of our clients

We have sophisticated tile cleaning equipment, cleaning products, and long term expertise to serve clients such as:

  • Private homes. Kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, other room tiles.
  • Residential rental property. All tiled surfaces.
  • Commercial and industrial property. Business premises, office premises and institutions.
  • Swimming pool owners. Private, commercial, and public swimming pools.
  • Exterior settings such as tiled pavements and corridors.

Tile cleaning

We specialize with cleaning services for a wide variety of different tiles, including quartz, marble and even rubber tiles. Each and every tiles flooring has to be inspected first by our expert technicians, which then come up with a specific approach depending on the severity and type of cleaning to be addressed. Our technicians will then apply specialized cleansing products. For stains and accumulated dirt, scrubbing is done, followed by application of pressure cleaning, which extracts all remaining dirt at the same time achieving a rapid dry. Within no time, your premises will be ready for occupying.

Grout cleaning

One of the most challenging parts when many people clean their tile flooring is the grout lines; or the joints between individual tiles. They tent to attract dust, dirt; staining and even molds to some extend due to the porous nature of the grouting material; which is in most cases made up of fine grit or sand and cementing material. The end result is that this leaves the tiles looking cleaner than the joints, interfering with the look and feel of the entire flooring. We also address this as well, leaving your tile flooring, crystal clear and looking elegant.

What you get when you choose us:

  • 100% workmanship guarantee.
  • Benefit from our long experience in the industry.
  • Be served by fully insured technicians.
  • Get your floor done within minutes to hours depending on the size of the project.
  • Efficient customer support extension.


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